Elektrische Ausrüstungen für Bergbaumaschinen und -anlagen

HEADLIGHT for use on movable mining mashines 

The headlight dHSR was registered 17.10.1996 at the German Patent Office Reg.-No: 296 09 267.3

headlight dHSR     

for use on movable mining mashines


EEx de I / EEx d I

EEx de II B -T4 / EEx d II B -T4

BVS-Nr.: 96.D. 1106X EEx I

BVS-Nr.: 96.D. 2060X EEx II

BVS-Pb: 32/96
(acc. EN 50014 chapter 3.1)  

admission: 94/9/EG
(ATEX-100a) applied.


technical data

input voltage:

voltage sec.:

electrical power:

bulb versions:




from 42C AC bis 1000 A (+10%)
Standard 0-220-500-St

bis 24 V - stabilised

100 W bulb
160 VA transformer

24 V - 100 W
twin- halogen

24 V - 100 W

12 V - 100 / 80 W
twin - halogen

example of use  

The headlight dHSR can be used on loaders and drilling jumbos.
Its special concept is to reduce the blinding in underground use, by switching from high to low beam and addional dimming. 



distinguishing marks    

The engine driver on a loading mashine can reduce the blinding of the headlights by switching and dimming from high to low beam with a small switch on his monitoring panel.
The dimming- and temperature-controle function of the headlight dHSR is arranged by an monitoring electronic in the transformer which send its signals to a switching element in the motor control unit dMS 150/m.
The electronic in the transformer also monitors the temperature inside the headlight and reduces the electrical power when reaching the limited temperature. 





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