Elektrische Ausrüstungen für Bergbaumaschinen und -anlagen

HEADLIGHT for use on movable mining mashines 

The headlight dHSR was registered 17.10.1996 at the German Patent Office Reg.-No: 296 09 267.3

headlight dHS 120     

for use on movable mining mashines 


EEx de I / EEx d I

EEx de II B -T4 / EEx d II B -T4

BVS-Nr.: 96.D. 1106X EEx I

BVS-Nr.: 96.D. 2060X EEx II

BVS-Pb: 32/96
(acc. EN 50014 chapter 3.1)  

admission: 94/9/EG
(ATEX-100a) applied.


technical data

input voltage:
voltage sec.:

electrical power:



24 V - 1.100 V
(standard 220 V - 500 V - 1.000 V)
max. 24 V - stabilised
100 W  bulb
160 VA transformer
24 V - 100 W
single - halogen



example of use       

Headlight dHS 120 can be used on several types of underground working mashines (loaders, scrapers, drilling jumbos).
The headlight is fitted with a shock absorbing 24 V - 100 W halogen bulb In the connection box cables with max. 6mm² can be installed.
Two cable-glands can be mounted. 


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