Elektrische Ausrüstungen für Bergbaumaschinen und -anlagen

PNEUMATIC AIRLAMP for beamed light - zone 1

(supply of new lamps only for export outside EC)

Using SBE - pneumatic airlamps in hazardous areas is a very safe mode of illumination.

pneumatic airlamp 26501     

explosion- and flameproofed  
VDE 0170 (SCH) f:    BVS-Nr.:  T 4680
VDE 0171 (Ex) s G5: BVS-Nr.:  T 4680  


technical data

operating voltage:

electrical power:

luminous flux:


operating pressure:

air consumption:

ambient temperature:




air coupling:



12 V max.

100 W

1.500 Lm

100 W incandescent

3-7 bar

ca. 300 L/min

-20°C - +40°C

ca. 14,0 kg

490 mm

220 mm max.

R3/4" / R5/8" / RD 32 x 1/8"

example of use 

Light fittings type 26501 are used where working stations or vast distances have to be illuminated with beamed light
- tunneling works
- tank - ships
- canalisation
- tunneling and mining mashines
The lamps can be used in all hazardous areas zone 1.





Due to its special construction an ignition of hazardous atmospheres inside and outside the lamp are avoided by several means. At first the air flows into the lamp housing and generates an overpressure before it flows into the generator housing to drive the turbine wheel of the AC-generator to induce the voltage for the bulb.
If the lamp housing or the protection glass is damaged, the air flows outside first. The generator stops immediately and cannot induce any voltage for the bulb.
The exhausting air prevents a penetration of explosive gases inside the lamp and can cool the spiral of a broken bulb, too.

Pressure-fluctuations of the air are compensated by the air regulating system inside the lamp. The lamp-housing is made of brass. 





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